This site has been compiled using, (but not limited to) various resources, acknowledged in the link below. It contains contents and quotes from a number of websites and books and research on the history of Kirby Muxloe, reason………I would have to be over 1000 years old to have been here at its inception.

To start at the beginning, “Wikipedia” informs us that it was the Danes who founded a settlement here as early as 890 AC. “Caeri” was supposedly the name of the founder and so began the future of our village.

Now bear with me because I am no historian, I’m not even an interested amateur. I must confess however, since I began researching for this site I have become a little engrossed in the times past of our village. Actually I cannot deny that I became so engrossed at one point, that I lost focus of what I was doing and why, and that is to give onlookers and interested parties an overview of our little hamlet.

In an attempt not to bore you, but inform you of some of the fascinating history that surrounds the village in which we live, I have broken it down, and not just for your benefit but mine also.