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What’s in a name?

How on earth did we get a name like that?

I’m not sure how many times I have had to spell it out to people, but It’s high and my telephone bill would be considerably less if I were to live somewhere like, Evington or Thurmaston.

Evidence of a neolithic flint can date us back as far as the 5th century, however to find the beginnings of our village we search only as far as the late 9th or early 10th century when a settlement was supposedly founded by a Dane named “Caeri”. Later designated “Carbi”, getting there!

“Muxloe” is a different kettle of fish completely. Neither a dictionary or a thesaurus can give us a definition or a suggestion. In a book by Jonathan Wilshere, “scenes from Kirby Muxloe History”, there is an implication that the name may have derived from an attempt to differentiate us from similarly named villages such as, “Kirby Mallory”. We do have the neighbouring Kirby Fields and Kirby Frith, but I believe these are more to do with the division of the Leicester Forest into forest and pasture land, Leicester Forest East and West.

By 1582 the village became known as “Kirby Muckleby”, variants were Mullox and Muckle. These have meanings of their own which all seem to imply much, mud and muck. From there we seemed to extend to “Muckless” and “Muckles”, either with or without mud it appears.

What I can assume by all this is, we live in the village of, “Much Mud”! This does not sound such a well sought after area when we put it this way, and our welcome signs certainly would not look as hospitable. On the brighter side, would our telephone bills be less because it’s easier to spell, or perhaps dearer still because there would be even more prolonged explanations or laughter?

The name was first officially used in 1703 in The Oxford Dictionary of Place-names, it states that Muxloe is a family name. Apparently there was such a family however they were reported to have lived 3 miles away in Desford.