The Kirby Muxloe village website

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Welcome to your website of the village of Kirby Muxloe which has been developed by Mark and Jacqueline. We have created this site with an aim to encompass all aspects of our village life. Having looked at numerous village websites we found they have one thing in common, a uniformed approach to receiving and giving information, each council having its own format and having strict guidelines on what is or isn’t said. So we believe we were able to make an informed decision on what is missing from many and needed by most, a collective vision. With that in mind only one website can honestly boast that it is truly ”the village website”, run by residents and for the inhabitants, independent of offialdom and political correctness but most of all, unique to them……..this one.

We would like others to join us, anyone who wishes to have regular input by writing a weekly/monthly or quarterly column, or a one off to perhaps promote an aspect of kirby that readers may find interesting.

View this as a virtual magazine with quicker availability and better provision of  up to date news; for example if there were a spate of burglaries on one street, to help others it could be instantly uploaded to warn others with no need to wait for a quarterly magazine by which time many more people will have lost belongings.

Whilst there is no monetary remuneration to be had there is no cost either, there is however a personal or collective gain for the place we live and the people living in it.

So, if you you would like to either have a free non-commercial blog linked to the site, with free support and freedom of speech or a sub-domain for a non-profit making organisation, Please use the contact form to get in touch about anything at all, any features you would like to see included/excluded, questions or ideas.

What have you got to lose, go on you know you want to.