Written contributions are very welcome (necessary even!).

There are 4 levels of contribution:

    If there is something published to which you have a response, click the Comments link and say your piece.
  2. Articles
    These will appear on the front of the site. Typically they would be specific to the village, concern an event, a person. It could be a request for help with an event, feedback, to indicate….. Anyone can send anything in to be published. (see the guidelines below). You will be credited in the post for the information. If you contribute regularly then you can have Author status so you can publish directly.
  3. Columns
    These will be longer pieces but it needs a village ‘angle’ of some sort. It could be something like a ‘Mr Leicester’, or a commentary on village politics, or ……
    It would be really good to have a few regular contributors, each with their own theme or take on circumstances.
  4. Groups.
    Please see the groups page.

Guidelines for being published.

Articles for publication should be sent in either .txt .doc or .odt format. They should be sent as attachments, not inline if possible. Because of the way the editor here works, we cannot guarantee the same formatting but we will try to get it as close as we can. Hyperlinks and images can be used.

Anonymous submissions will not be published but you can send something in and ask that your name is not used which would be respected.

Please send your name as you would like to appear as the post author.

A valid email is required for all submissions.

Your work will be published verbatim.

It will be online for a very long time, so take your time to consider what you are writing.
Remember that anyone can comment on what you say. You can comment back and there may well be a resulting conversation about your article so think carefully.
Once published you cannot further edit the work.

If you have any questions that are not answered here you can get in touch by emailing